Iza Garbarz

Photography is my way of looking at the world, which changed a lot when Zosia appeared in our life. Then, even the tiniest details acquired great significance for me. Every single day I try to catch them, and save for later, so that they could trigger memories and emotions such as tears or laughter in a few years. I save those scraps of time to have them in my hands and remember the important moments.

I believe that positive thinking attracts positive events and that every dream can be fulfilled! I am a 100% proof of that. Just smile at people and it will come back to you. The original passion and hobby has become my job, which gives me far more satisfaction than a day job behind a corporate desk. I am constantly aiming for even greater professionalism to take more and more beautiful photos of you!

I like going for walks with you, talking casually and getting to know you. The natural moments are the most precious for me, like the children’s kisses on the cheek, belly tickling, playing in the leaves or seeing faces dirty with sweets. The real moments, without pretending. So, I can assure you that a session in my studio will be no different! I am a silent peeper, who observes the surrounding reality, just to push the magical button at the right moment.

I take the pictures of your smiles, the moments you share together, creative businesses or ideas, mainly in Cracov and the Lesser Poland area, but my feet often times take me much further. Send me messages and ask. Let’s meet in order to tell a beautiful photo-story later!

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