Iza Garbarz

Photography is my way of looking at the world, which changed a lot when Zosia appeared in our life. Then, even the tiniest details acquired great significance for me. Every single day I try to catch them, and save for later, so that they could trigger memories and emotions such as tears or laughter in a few years. I save those scraps of time to have them in my hands and remember the important moments.

I believe that positive thinking attracts positive events and that every dream can be fulfilled! I am a 100% proof of that. Just smile at people and it will come back to you. In my portraits you can see minimalism, which is always timeless. I paint pictures with light, so that words express the reality that surrounds us. I tell stories to stay in us for longer.

Awards in international competitions 2016-2019:

Tokyo International Foto Awards

WPAWARDS Warsaw Photography Awards

Mono Visions Awards

Sony World Photography Awards

Vouge Italia

Swing with Your Kid Photography

This Magazine

Through a Mother’s Eyes

Child Photo Competition

Exhibitions – individual and group:

10.2019 r. – FotoOpen on FotoArt Festival / Bielsko-Biała

08.2019 r. – “Soulbody” in Tytano / Kraków

06.2019 r. – “Womanhood” on Krakow Photo Fringe / Krakow Photomonth Festival

06.2018 r. – Sony World Photography Awards / Somerset House in London